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Песня: Trust In You

Композитор: The Offspring

Дата добавления: 2015-05-05

Текст прочитан: 390

Длительность: 03:09


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Текст песни:

Trust In You
I am the one, your help I’ve refused
Your offering hand just set off the fuse
I am the rock that pushes away
I gave up tomorrow to spite today

Too proud to beg
Too stubborn to try
I’d look in your face
And spit in your eye

But I’m willing to find what’s really inside
And show I am strong enough to

Trust in you.
Trust in you.
Trust in you.
Pull me up
Quo modo – shadow to light
Quo modo – shadow to light
Quo modo – pull me up
Pull me up
Cause I am ready

… (waiting…) I am the one who blames only you
The flame in my eyes now blackens my view
I am the one who wanders alone
Darkness inside blocks how you’ve shone

Who tied the other
End of my rope?
I want to move on
I want to have hope

So I’m willing to change
I’m going to try
To show I am strong enough to

The Offspring - Trust In You (Lyrics)
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